Jonathan Marcus

1.   My memoir, Everything is Happening at Once, is about enlightenment vs. wisdom, curiosity, destiny, sex, wonder, the family business, revolutionaries from Socrates to Gurdjieff, and Grandpa.  Click here to sample the first two chapters.

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2.   The blog, Short Cuts, is what happens when you wonder how everything happens.  The posts range widely from science and politics to words about words and outtakes from my memoir.

3.   Here I am.  Well, need I say more?

4.   Things I Like includes:

•     Fizzdom, mostly from other people.  Activists, poets, entrepreneurs, bon vivants, artists, lovers, writers, scientists and other denizens of the electromagnetic spectrum of humanity come at you like prisms.

•     Links accrued from chasing curiosity.

•     Fictionary is a collection of my own concoctions, complete with definitions.

5.   The Instagram:  #lookatyourfeettwice inspired the blog, because looking at your feet twice with a camera lens and a mindfulness lens is automatically grounding and revelatory . . . nobody ever imagined that these two feet would end up here.  And here.  And there.

Life begins in the middle.